Our Ingredients


Organically grown and harvested by hand and naturally fermented under the sun for a rich taste on fairtrade farms that give sustainable incomes to the farmers and their families.

Origin: 🇨🇷

Sunflower Seed Protein

We use whole, crushed organic sunflower seeds.

The seeds are grown, picked, cold-pressed & crushed into a pure protein powder. Totally organic, low in fat and incredibly smooth.

Origin: 🇪🇺

Madagascan Vanilla

Vanilla is more expensive than silver per kg, so for us, it's liquid gold.

Most brands use 'vanilla flavouring', 'imitation vanilla,' or even 'natural vanilla flavour.' We use 100% pure, real authentic madagascan vanilla in our shakes.

It's more expensive, but it's the real deal.

Origin: 🇲🇬

Yellow Pea Protein

Our yellow peas are grown on cooperative farms in France. After harvesting, the peas undergo a gentle water based extraction (i.e, no solvents) to extract the pure protein.

This guarantees higher nutritional value and a cleaner, richer protein powder.

Origin: 🇪🇺

Coconut Cream

How do our shakes taste creamy, without the cows?


Our Sri Lankan coconut cream is smooth, creamy & rich. It means we don’t have to use milk, or thickeners & stabilisers. This nut (that’s technically a fruit) does it all on it’s own. Our coconut cream is made by crushing whole coconuts in to a cream. We've chosen one that doesn't contain hidden additives or processing aids, so it's just pure coconut blended with water.

Origin: 🇱🇰

Sunflower Seed Oil

Made from pressing whole organic sunflower seeds. The one we use is organic and high in linoleic acid.

Conventional sunflower oils are highly processed, and often treated with hexane before being heavily refined.

So we've chosen an organic oil, which means absolutely no hexane or chemicals are used in the process.

Origin: 🇪🇺

Raw Cane Sugar

We use 100% unrefined raw cane sugar in our shakes. That’s because we don’t believe in artificial sweeteners, (or anything made in a lab for that matter).

For us, putting ‘natural’ above ‘perfect’ is more important, so we get it straight from the cane.

Once the the fresh cane is picked, it’s crushed, juiced, dried, and then blended with our other ingredients.

Origin: 🇲🇺

Himalayan Pink Salt

We use pure himalayan salt. It's naturally pink from the trace minerals present at source, and is washed and crushed in to a clean fine salt.

We use a small pinch to balance the taste of our recipes.

Origin: 🇵🇰

Peppermint Oil

Fresh mint leaves, steam distilled to extract the purest, cleanest mint taste. Mint is a potent ingredient, so we don't need much. We use the real thing, which is different to conventional 'mint' flavourings.

Origin: 🇬🇧